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Official Body On The Boardwalk Rules

Hunt A Killer: Body on the Boardwalk is a immersive, single-player or cooperative murder mystery experience that lets you become a detective investigating a crime scene. Here's what you'll need to get started:

What you'll need:

  • The Hunt A Killer: Body on the Boardwalk box containing:

    • Game booklet with instructions and story background

    • Envelopes containing various clues (newspaper clippings, witness statements, photos, etc.)

    • Decoder tools (optional, depending on the game version)


Your goal is to solve the murder of Katie, a young woman found dead on the boardwalk.  By piecing together the evidence provided in the box, you'll need to identify the culprit, their motive, and the events that led to the crime.


  1. Read the Introduction: Start by reading the game booklet's introduction. This sets the scene, introduces you to the victim and key characters, and provides the initial details about the case.

  2. Examine the Evidence: The box contains various envelopes filled with clues. These might include:

    • Newspaper clippings reporting on the incident and local happenings.

    • Witness statements providing different perspectives on the events.

    • Photos from the crime scene and of the suspects.

    • Business cards, receipts, and other miscellaneous items.

  3. Follow the Clues:  The game booklet might suggest an order to examine the evidence, but feel free to explore and analyze the clues in any order you find logical.

  4. Decode Messages:  Some versions of the game might include encrypted messages or hidden codes within the clues. You might need to use decoder tools provided in the box or apply logic puzzles to decipher these messages.

  5. Build the Timeline:  As you examine witness statements and other dated evidence, try to reconstruct the events leading up to Katie's death. This can help identify inconsistencies and pinpoint crucial moments in the case.

  6. Identify the Suspects:  Based on the information gathered, identify the individuals who might have had a motive or opportunity to commit the crime. Analyze their alibis and connections to the victim.

  7. Solve the Case: Once you've identified the culprit, their motive, and the sequence of events, you can confirm your solution by referring to the answer sheet included in the box (usually in a sealed envelope).

Tips and Strategies:

  • Organize Your Findings: Spread out the evidence and keep notes as you examine it.  Jot down key points, connections between clues, and your developing theories.

  • Think Like a Detective:  Ask yourself questions like "Who would benefit from Katie's death?" or "What suspicious details did a witness mention?".  Consider alibis, grudges, and hidden agendas.

  • Collaborate (if playing cooperatively):  If playing with others, discuss your findings and theories openly.  Bouncing ideas off each other can help identify new connections and solve puzzles more efficiently.

  • Don't Be Afraid to Re-examine Evidence: As you gather more clues, revisit earlier pieces of evidence.  New information might shed light on previously overlooked details.

Hunt A Killer: Body on the Boardwalk offers an engaging way to test your deduction skills and explore a murder mystery from the comfort of your home. So, grab your detective hat (figuratively speaking) and prepare to uncover the truth behind Katie's death!

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