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Official Bluey Scavenger Hunt Rules

The Bluey Scavenger Hunt Game is a delightful board game for 2-4 players, perfect for bringing the energetic spirit of the Blue Heeler family into your living room. Here's a breakdown of the rules to get you started on your playful adventure:


  • Game Board

  • 20 Find Cards

  • 10 Play Cards

  • 35 Toy Tokens (usually shaped like Bluey toys)

  • 4 Player Pawns (with bases)

  • Die


The goal of the game is to be the first team (for 2-player cooperative play) or individual player (for 3-4 player competitive play) to collect all 12 toy tokens and reach the finish space on the board. Work together or race against each other to find hidden objects, complete silly tasks, and answer Bluey trivia!

Setting Up:

  1. Place the Game Board:  Unfold the game board and lay it flat on a playing surface.

  2. Prepare the Toy Tokens:  Place all 35 toy tokens face down in a pile near the board.

  3. Shuffle the Cards:  Shuffle both the Find Cards (green) and Play Cards (yellow) decks separately. Place them face down in their designated spots on the board.

  4. Choose Your Pawns: Each player selects a player pawn and places it on any of the four starting spaces on the board.


  1. Youngest Player Starts:  The youngest player begins the game.  In cooperative play, players will take turns clockwise.  In competitive play, turns proceed clockwise as well.

  2. Roll the Die:  The starting player rolls the die and moves their pawn the corresponding number of spaces on the board, following the path indicated.

  3. Landing on a Space:  The action you take depends on the type of space you land on:

    • Regular Space: No action required. Just move your pawn and proceed to the next player's turn.

    • Find Space: Draw a green Find Card from the deck. Read the card aloud and complete the task together (cooperative) or individually (competitive). If successful, take a toy token from the pile and place it face up in front of you. If unsuccessful, discard the card and your turn ends.

    • Play Space: Draw a yellow Play Card from the deck. Read the card aloud and complete the action together (cooperative) or individually (competitive).  Some Play Cards might award you a toy token, move you to a different space, or have a silly task to perform. Discard the card after resolving its effect.

    • Start Space: If you land on a starting space, you can choose to draw and complete either a Find Card or a Play Card (your choice!).

Special Rules:

  • Clock Spaces:  There are clock spaces on the board. Landing on a clock space simply moves your pawn forward the indicated number of spaces on the clock image. The clock represents bedtime, and if the clock hand reaches the "bedtime" section during cooperative play, everyone loses! There's no effect on the clock in competitive play.

  • Double Find: If you land on a double Find space, you get to draw and complete two Find Cards in a row!

Winning the Game:

  • Cooperative Play:  In cooperative play, everyone wins if you manage to collect all 12 toy tokens and reach the finish space together before the clock hand reaches bedtime. Celebrate your teamwork!

  • Competitive Play:  In competitive play, the first player to collect all 12 toy tokens and reach the finish space wins the game! Bragging rights are all yours!

Additional Notes:

  • The game encourages creativity and fun. Don't be afraid to act silly when completing tasks or Play Cards!

  • For younger players, adults can help them read the cards and complete the tasks.

  • You can adjust the difficulty by agreeing not to use the clock spaces in cooperative play or allowing players to keep drawing Find Cards if they fail the first attempt (especially for younger children).

With a little imagination and a playful spirit, the Bluey Scavenger Hunt Game promises an entertaining adventure for Bluey fans of all ages. Have fun playing!

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