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Official Blank Slate Rules

Blank Slate is a popular party game that combines creativity and word association. Here are the basic rules:

Game Components:

  • Cards: A deck of cards with words or phrases.

  • Slates: Dry-erase slates or paper for players to write their answers.

  • Markers: Dry-erase markers for writing on the slates.

  • Scoreboard: A way to keep track of players' scores.


  1. Prepare Slates and Markers: Give each player a slate and a marker.

  2. Shuffle Cards: Shuffle the deck of cards and place it face down in the center of the play area.

  3. Choose Scorekeeper: Designate one player as the scorekeeper.


  • The goal of Blank Slate is to match your answer with some, but not all, of the other players' answers.


  1. Round Sequence: The game is played over a series of rounds.

  2. Word Selection: At the beginning of each round, one player draws a card and reads the word or phrase aloud.

  3. Writing Answers: Players then write down a word or phrase that they think pairs well with the word or phrase on the card. The goal is to come up with a word that is somewhat common, but not too common, as players earn points for matching with some, but not all, of the other players.

  4. Revealing Answers: Once all players have written their answers, they reveal them one by one, reading them aloud.

  5. Scoring: Players earn points based on how many other players they match with. If a player matches with all other players, they score zero points. If a player matches with no other players, they also score zero points. Players earn one point for each partial match.

  6. Tallying Scores: The scorekeeper keeps track of each player's score on the scoreboard.

  7. Card Rotation: Pass the card to the next player, and repeat the process for the next round.

End of Game:

  • The game ends after a predetermined number of rounds. The player with the highest total score wins the game.


  • Team Play: Players can form teams and work together to come up with answers.

  • Themed Rounds: Players can choose a specific theme for each round, such as movies, food, or geography.


  • Creative Thinking: Try to come up with unique answers that are somewhat common, but not too common, to maximize your chances of matching with some, but not all, of the other players.

  • Word Association: Use word association techniques to brainstorm answers that pair well with the word or phrase on the card.

  • Observation: Pay attention to the answers of other players to gauge the commonality of your own answer.

Blank Slate is a fun and engaging game that encourages creativity and lateral thinking. With its simple rules and fast-paced gameplay, it's perfect for game nights, parties, or any gathering of friends and family.

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