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Official Bananagrams Rules

Bananagrams is a fast-playing word game where players race to use all their letter tiles to create interlocking crossword grids. Here's a breakdown of the rules to get you started on your word-building journey:

Number of Players: 2-8 players (some variations accommodate more)

Objective: Be the first player to use all the letters on your tile rack to create a valid word grid and call "Bananas!"


  • 144 letter tiles (including blank tiles)

  • Bag for shuffling the tiles


  1. Place the Tiles:  Put all the letter tiles face down in the bag and mix them thoroughly.

  2. Draw Your Tiles:  Depending on the number of players, each player draws a specific number of tiles face down (usually 21 for 2-4 players, 15 for 5-6 players, and 11 for 7-8 players). Keep your tiles hidden from other players.


The game is played simultaneously, with no turns or set order. Here's what happens:

  1. All Players Start Together:  On a pre-determined signal (like a shout of "Split!"), all players simultaneously turn their tiles face up and begin arranging them to form words on their playing surface (which can be a flat surface or a special Bananagrams tray).

  2. Building Your Grid:  Words can be formed horizontally (left to right) or vertically (top to bottom). They must connect to other words in your grid (like a crossword puzzle) by sharing a common letter at the intersection. You can rearrange your words on your playing surface as often as you like during the game.

  3. Using Blank Tiles:  The blank tiles can represent any letter you want in your word. Just remember what letter you assigned to the blank tile for future reference.

Winning the Game:

  1. Shouting "Bananas!":  Once you have used all your letter tiles to create a valid word grid with no spelling errors, be the first player to shout "Bananas!"

  2. Verification:  All other players stop building their grids and check the winner's grid for any spelling mistakes. You can use a dictionary to verify if necessary.

  3. Valid Grid Wins:  If the winner's grid has no errors, they win the game!

Additional Notes:

  • Fast and Furious:  The game can get quite competitive as everyone races to use their tiles.

  • Proper Nouns & Abbreviations:  These are not allowed in your word grid. Only build words found in a standard dictionary.

  • Simultaneous Play:  There are no turns in Bananagrams. Everyone plays independently until someone shouts "Bananas!"

  • Multiple Winners:  If two or more players call "Bananas!" simultaneously, the player with the longest word in their grid wins (optional rule, you can establish a different tie-breaker beforehand if desired).

  • Playing with Fewer Tiles:  For a shorter game, you can draw fewer tiles per player at the beginning.

Bananagrams is a fun and engaging game that tests your vocabulary and wordplay skills. So grab your friends and family, shuffle those tiles, and get ready for a bananagrams battle!

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