Blokus Rules

How to Win
The player's goal in this game is to place all or maximum of their 21 pieces on

the board.



Each player gets to place one piece per turn. The goal of the game is to play all

your pieces eventually.

Each player should begin in a separate corner and works inward from there.

After the first turn, you can play

anywhere on the board.


The most important and ONLY rule of Blokus - the piece you play must touch

the corner of at least one of your

other pieces and should never touch the side of any of your own pieces. See

the figures below. You can touch the

sides of other players' pieces.

The one rule of Blokus classic is simple to learn especially for very young children. Do not worry if they

sometimes have difficulty grasping the concept of always touching a corner rule.


End of the Game
The game ends for a player when a player is blocked and is not able to place any pieces on the board according

to the rules. The game itself ends when no one can place any more pieces on the board anymore.



After the game ends, count the number of pieces each player unable to place on the board. Each square that is not placed counts as a negative point.Award a bonus of 15 points if all 21 pieces got placed on the board. 
A bumper bonus of to 20 points is awarded if the 21 pieces were placed on the board and the last piece placed is a single square. The player with maximum points wins.